Since 2007 everybody in Germany has to be health insured – no matter if full time employed, student or working as a freelancer. Also expats working in Germany need to have a health insurance.

Basically there a two types of health insurances :

Private health insurance: mandatory for freelancers or self employed. Employees earning a salary of more than 52.200.- EUR per year have the option to enter in this coverage system

Public insurance: employees earning less than 52,200.- EUR gross per year, students studying in a state approved university.

Exception: When  an expat is send by his company which has its HQ in the European Union or in contracting states like Canada, China, Israel, Japan and the US or when the employee is send abroad by his company for time limited work purposes.

Please note: You are not allowed to use native travel health insurance in Germany. German VISA requires a mandatory German health insurance.

Taxes: German health insurance costs  are tax deductible!

Working for a German company means that the employer pays  half of the insurance contributions. Please note that it depends on Your earnings if you have the possibility of choosing between the two mentioned health insurance systems.

Especially for healthy and young expats the private health insurance is very attractive as it costs only a fraction of the public insurance and provides best medical care. Private health insurance is a better option if You expect good medical services like being treated by the head doctor of a hospital, 1 or 2 bed room in the hospital, full dental services and replacements and further extra costs that can cause a severe illness just to name some of them. There are several insurance companies in Germany offering different private health insurance products.

Therefore it is recommended to consult an independent insurance broker who can analyze Your personal situation and your personal preferences. He will present You a choice of he best offers.

Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler

Independent Insurance Broker

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