Liability insurance for international companies with subsidiaries in Germany

Advice and support from a specialized insurance broker on professional liability insurance is useful for tradespeople and international companies in Germany.

Do you work as a self-employed person or a freelance tradesman in Munich?

And do you need precise information on how you can protect yourself against claims for damages from third parties through professional liability insurance in your specific case?

Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler is an insurance broker in Munich, Germany and can assist you on-site. Whether you are choosing the right professional liability insurance through personal advice and also with support in claims settlement.

Even if you have used an online calculator for insurance and still have a few unanswered questions, Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler can help you on-site  with personal advice or by telephone.

Our team will advise you in English


1. Professional liability insurance for self-employed in Germany

Professional indemnity insurance is particularly important for freelancers or self-employed people, as mistakes or omissions can cause significant damage to customers. Special professional liability insurance with special tariffs for the respective fields is recommended for doctors in particular.

Lawyers, architects, engineers and tax consultants inherently have a high financial responsibility and duty of care towards their customers or clients. In this case, it is advisable to take out professional liability insurance with integrated pecuniary damage liability insurance.

There is also special insurance protection in trades, in medicine, in services or in the manufacture of products. Product liability insurance is recommended for self-employed people who manufacture products. Especially when it comes to valuable products, the further processing of products or imports from non-EU countries.


2. Professional liability insurance and claims settlement

In the event of damage, professional liability insurance covers the costs that are charged to the policyholder in the event of justified claims for damages. This usually includes the costs of litigation and court proceedings, if any. In the event of a claim, your insurance broker should be on site in Munich to help you settle the claim.


3. Professional indemnity insurance and the costs

The exact insurance conditions and coverage amounts of professional liability insurance vary depending on the needs of the trade and, above all, on the respective professional group. The more expensive a damage scenario can be, the higher the premiums. There is little point in saving on premiums if large risks are to be covered.


We recommend that you carefully review the risk landscape with your local independent insurance broker or with Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler to ensure that all risks are covered in the insurance policy.

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