New health insurance programs for expats working in Germany

German health insurance programs are for those who are planning to move to Germany for work or who already have a job offer to work for a German company and  need a health insurance for the time of residency in Germany.

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany

By law everybody living and working in Germany has to be health-insured by a certified German health insurance provider. 

We provide consulting in health insurance for professionals coming from non EU  and EU countries and planning to stay up to 5 years in the country.

Some few insurances are offering now new health insurance tarifs with special rates and special services only for expats!

There are several important aspects of the German insurance system that have to be considered before taking a decision. Therefore, we recommend to contact an independent broker for personal online consultation. A broker can  work out which insurance coverage is appropriate for you. Do you want a basic medical treatment or do you prefer to have a free choice of specialist doctors, hospitals, physicians and dentists?

Please note the following advantages of a  new health insurance policy available now:

  • Monthly Termination Option
  • Employers subsidy for health insurance
  • Optional continued insurance
  • Insurance documents in English
  • Medical video consultation in more than 20 languages
  • No verification for residence permit or work permit needed
  • No preliminary medical examination if the applicant has an existing health insurance for more than 36 months

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