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Expats moving to Munich do often have difficulties with insurance issues. Unfortunately, there are not many insurance brokers who offer their services in English. So many expats don't know who to address to when confronted with decisions regarding health insurance or other insurance questions.


As an independent insurance broker in Munich we are happy to advise you on these topics in English and are specialized in all common insurance fields as for example private health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, household insurance, liability insurance, annuity insurance and disability insurance, just to mention a few. 


It is important to mention that we are not dependent on one single insurance provider, thus we can offer a wide range of insurance services and select the best insurance plans for our clients out of all tariffs available on the market.

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We help to find your individual health insurance plan

The German health insurance system is different to the ones in most other countries. While every employee must be insured in a compulsory public health insurance, he can choose to switch to a private health insurance if you earn more than 4.800 € per month. Most expats do not know this. In most cases this gives employees much better benefits at much lower premiums as compared to public insurance. In addition, there are important differences between the public and the private health insurance system. For example, the private health insurance protects you all over the world, whereas the public health insurance covers you only EU-wide at a much lower level.


If you plan moving to Munich or do already live here, feel free to contact us with your questions by just sending us an email-request using the contact form. A member of our english speaking insurance consultancy team will be happy to advise you in your individual insurance situation.

We offer free advice in English

We do not work for one single insurance provider, so that we can recommend you the best products out of the whole insurance market. Usually we get paid for our services by the insurance companies. We will guide you from analyzing your present situation though to acceptance by the insurance provider and after sales service. So do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to answering all your questions you might have.


We offer free advice in English on:

  • Private health insurance
  • Private and corporate liability insurance
  • International insurance
  • Worldwide insurance
  • German law insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life and annuity insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Household and building insurance
  • And many more insurance plans 

Feel free to contact us via phone during our office hours or via the contact form.