Insurance solutions for international clients

Due to increasingly complex international insurance situations we provide cross-border insurance services to English speaking customers with international multi-location exposures.


Our network encompasses insurance partners in many countries. This enables us to set up reliable and transparent cross-country insurance coverage for our clients. 


We are covering all risks as liability, business interruption, contents cover,  property, all-risk insurance, cyberrisk insurance, freight-merchandise insurance and marine insurance, just to name a few.


Apart from providing the best cover for our clients, our core competence is to provide a global and transparent insurance portfolio.


In addition our personal approach guarantees immediate responsiveness, comprehensive support and professional advice for our international customers in case of damage, filing claims and reducing the damage at site.

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Tailormade insurance programs

We are experts in customizing tailormade insurance programs to the needs of each client, wherever the center of living or business might be and make sure that it fits the specific needs of our clients. 


A global insurance program entails an international master policy, which is combined with local policies  for the different risk locations. As a rule the master policy provides coverage over the local policies thus ensuring best coverage possible.


On request we combine this international approach with supplementary advisory services which monitor risks on a regular basis and recommend prevention measures on basis of local requirements.

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