Consulting expatriates & foreigners on health insurance in Munich

Moving to a different country in order to live or work there is always exciting and especially in Munich we have many expatriates and freelancers working for the big German companies from the automobile industry and other sectors. But how about all the complex insurance topics involved in living abroad? That is why we decided to offer free consulting on the topic of health insurance in Munich in English for our international clients.

During the popular international fair called "Expat in the City" which takes place at the Munich fair once a year, we experienced a strong demand in insurance broker services in English. Therefore we decided to offer advice on health insurance in Munich in English as one of the first independent insurance brokers of the city. No matter if you are interested in a compulsory or private health insurance, feel free to contact us on our service hotline or send us an online request. We will gladly assist you with all your insurance topics while you are living in Munich/Germany. 


The best is that our service is absolutely free for you as a client. We will take enough time to evaluate our personal insurance situation and find the best products for you - both fitting your personal situation and at a low price at the same time. Please don't hesitate to contact us today for you free insurance check.